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Nov. 16th, 2010

Garfield - Horizon


Children in Need

Children in Need is this Friday (19th November) and John will be joining cast members from both EastEnders and Coronation Street for a special mini-episode. The telethon airs live on BBC 1 and BBC HD from 7pm.

John has also signed a Pudsey Bear, which is being auctioned off as one of the celebrity items on the official BBC Children In Need eBay site. You can bid for the signed Pudsey here. (Unfortunately, postage is only to UK addresses.)

Oct. 18th, 2010



Upcoming Television Appearances

John is finally back on Eastenders tonight (HURRARY!) and, if the spoilers floating around the internet are anything to go by, we should hopefully get more than a blink-and-you'll-miss-him appearance. Eastenders is on BBC1 at 8pm and repeated on BBC3 at 10pm. It will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.

John is also presenting the National Lottery draws on Saturday night, live on BBC 1 at 8.30pm. This will also be available on the iPlayer.

Sep. 28th, 2010

Mr. Ledger


Inside soap Awards Pictures

I thought I'd post the pictures from last nights Inside soap awards

PicturesCollapse )

Sep. 17th, 2010



Great North Run

According to the Great North Run website, John is taking part in this year's run in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. (Oh, how happy am I that I'm a Geordie!)

Live coverage of the event is on BBC 1 (and the Red Button) from 9.30.

Sep. 12th, 2010

PRINCESS - westley dread pirate roberts


JP Picspam!

To celebrate the new community I thought I'd put a link in to my epic JP picspam that I did a while ago.


Sep. 8th, 2010



Page-The-Mod Post

Got some questions, comments or suggestions? Want to request some tags or affiliate with jpartridgefans? Then please leave a comment here!

Rules recap:

* Anything related to John Partridge is acceptable at this community – interviews, icons, videos, art, picspams, discussions... The only exception is fan-fiction. No RPS/FF may be posted to this community.

* If available, please source interviews, images, videos etc.

* ALL spoilers must be placed behind an lj-cut.

* No more than three teaser icons outside of an lj-cut.

* No flaming, no character/real person bashing, no insulting each other – you get the picture.

* Please tag your posts. If you are in any doubt about what tags to use, ask or use the ‘tag me’ tag.

Still got some questions? Then feel free to leave me a comment. All comments are screened.


Welcome to John Partridge Fans!

Welcome to the John Partridge Fans community!

There doesn't appear to be any (active) John Partridge communities on Livejournal, so I felt this needed to be rectified. What can you post here? Almost anything, really, as long as it's about John Partridge. Interviews, video clips, icons, picspams, discussions... The only thing you cannot post here is fanfiction as there are other comms that specialise in FF.

Please read the rules before you post to the comm. If you have any questions you can get in touch with me via the page-the-mod post.

Right, obligatory stuff over, lets get sharing the John Partridge love!